Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rio Extreme!

I wanted to finish the 60 days of BBL just using these DVDs, but I've been eyeing the Rio Extreme workout for awhile now.....and I decided what the heck, I'll just get 'em. With my coach discount it is only $22. That's why I signed up to be a coach....discounts! :) I also picked up a medium strength - strength band. The DVD set comes with the yellow beginner one, but I thought I'd see if I can handle the medium! The deluxe DVDs comes with 3 extra workouts:

  • RIO EXTREME - Break through exercise plateaus with this challenging workout. (50 min.)
  • ABS RAPIDO - Slim and strengthen your abs with this tummy-tightening workout. (10 min.)
  • UPPERCUTS - Incorporate kickboxing moves into your workout for sleek, sexy arms. (13 min.)
Hopefully I'll get them by Wednesday, every time I've ordered from Beach Body, I've gotten the product 2 days after the order we'll see!

My "baby" starts PRESCHOOL on Tuesday, and he turns 3 on Saturday! I'm so excited, he's going to LOVE school and I cant wait to give him all the fun birthday presents :) One of the presents we got him was an orange yoga mat...every time I work out and use my yoga mat, he always says he wants an orange one so he can work out "Next to Mama". I found him an orange one with sunshine's on it from Amazon, which is perfect because he loves doing this kids yoga thing on Comcast on demand and they do this sunshine stretch move. Hopefully he will like it :)

This week starts week 7 for me. I have to admit week 6 didn't go so good, I had a few glasses of wine, pizza one night and I missed 2 days. Eek. I don't know what happened, I just lost focus. I'm back on track though and this week will be much better, and hopefully my DVDs will come soon so I can add them in!

I'm thinking of doing a fitness board in my room similar to this, but I didn't know if this was appropriate for an adult woman's room....not a teenage girl haha. I don't think my husband would care, and I think it would be nice to have an inspirational space that isn't online, but I'm not sure :P I DID buy a bikini though, my first ever. I'm no where near bikini ready, but I am not stopping until I am! :)

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