Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift 60 Day Challenge!

I lost 10 inches all over in 30 days just by doing Brazil Butt Lift and drinking Shakeology every day! I want to share this with you, and to challenge ourselves to get swimsuit ready by summer! Summer is LESS then 90 days away, and you CAN change your body in that time.

What is Brazil Butt Lift?

Brazil Butt Lift™ uses cardio, dance, and a unique training method to work your rear end from every angle. You’ll reduce your hips, slim your thighs, and lift your butt, shaping your “bum bum” (pronounced “boom boom”) into the best booty of your life. And, it’s fun! Brazil Butt Lift will show you why Leandro is known as the Brazilian Butt Master

It's a 60-day Brazil Butt Lift workout program challenge and it's the easiest way to achieve your goals ever. As part of my group, you'll be one of five like minded people. We'll track our progress along the way, hold each other accountable, and motivate, inspire, and encourage each other to achieve amazing results through our private Facebook group.

What's amazing about this program, is that it's all laid out for you, there is a calender based on your booty type, that gives the exact workouts you should be doing for the day.

The booty calenders are:

- The to flat solution
- Pear shape
- To big solution
- Classic solution

And, with The FAT-BURNING FOOD GUIDE we’ll eat healthy yummy foods. This easy-to-follow meal plan was created by a nutritionist and is filled with mouth-watering, Brazilian-inspired recipes that will help you slim down without sacrificing flavor. The Food Guide incorporates the use of Shakeology as a meal replacement, or snack

Shakeology is highly recommended nutrition support tool but optional for participation in the Challenge Group.

And as an added incentive, you’ll be able to participate in The Beachbody Challenge™ contest.
(Available to US legal residents only 18+, but the groups are open to US and Canadian residents 18+)

- $500 daily giveaway just for logging your workout into the SuperGym!
- $1,000 monthly will be awarded, so be sure to submit your results at the end of each month.
- $5,000 quarterly - Someone will be chosen from the monthly submissions each quarter and awarded $5,000
- $100,000 if you are the Male or Female with the most remarkable transformation!!!

Brazil Butt Lift Purchase Options:

Option 1:Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack $160

Everything you need to get into the best shape of your life.
-Shakeology Home Direct (like a monthly subscription)
-Brazil Butt Lift Fitness Program
-Team Beachbody Club: 30-Day Free Trial!
-Free Shipping
-Free Coaching by me
-Exclusive Accountability Facebook Group

Option 2:Purchase Each sold separately.

Brazil Butt Lift $59

Shakeology "The healthiest meal of the day!"

Chocolate or Greenberry $119.95
Ultra Tropical Strawberry $129.95

Please email me at if you have *any*questions or are just interested in Beach Body!

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  1. Brazilian Buttock Lift allows a more complete, permanent, circumferential transformation of a woman's body, so that the buttock area is not only (or not necessarily) larger, but more shapely and in better proportion to the rest of her.