Thursday, March 22, 2012

Week 5, Day 4

I'm down another inch off my waist since Sunday! Maybe it could of been more if I didn't have a slice of pizza for dinner last night, or the 2 glasses of wine on Monday lol.

I added an extra weight to each ankle last night during High and Tight, and wow I felt it! I never feel sore the next day though, I feel like I'm pushing myself...but I'm not sore anymore. I do want to get a set of 8lb dumbells soon, we'll see if I can handle that yet though.

I finally decided to commit to being a coach! I'm so impressed with my progress so far, and I'm very impressed by Beach Body in general, I want to share it with everyone, and help everyone get healthy! I also will take full advantage of the 25% off products that I get, I want to keep drinking Shakeology and I am planning on getting another program at the end of April!

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