Friday, January 25, 2013

6 Day Supermodel Slimdown Day 1 Breakfast

*peeks head sheepishly through the door*

Hi! Remember me?

I had stopped posting last summer because....well....I kind of lost my way. My youngest (who was like 15 or so months) was dropping naps, my 3 year old stopped napping....and it just seemed like chaos ensued!

Then I was ashamed I lost my way and stopped posting and I barely was working out.

BUT I AM BACK! I started up Brazil Butt Lift again (what can I say, I love that workout) and I've been doing the "Booty Resolution" contest from the Brazil Butt Lift Facebook page. This time they created a private group to help with motivation and support. Part of the contest is that you are supposed to do the "6 Day Supermodel Slimdown" that comes with your Brazil Butt Lift dvds. I never did it before because it's basically like an 1100 calorie diet for 6 days, and working out every day....I tend to get grumpy if I have low blood sugar or get hungry, and I didn't want to be a grumpy Mom lol. But I'm trying it now! Here's my breakfast:

1 small apple, 1 slice of 45 calorie bread, 1/4 cup egg beaters (can't have eggs without Franks!) and some mixed veggies. As you can see it's slightly different then what the guide said, but I haven't been to the store yet and t his is what I had....I would think it is very similar calorie counts.

I am heading to the store in a bit with the boys, I actually bought a digital bathroom scale that just got in so I cant wait to pick it up! I'll be taking pictures and my weight when I get home. Today's workout is Cardio Axe, which is great because it's only like 25-30 minutes long!

Friday, May 25, 2012


I admit it, I haven't exercised in a week. I feel awful about it but I was just feeling down on myself because I'm not where I should of been in my weight loss journey/plan, but it's 100% my fault. I wasn't counting calories like I was in the beginning, and I started to have some wine a few times a week. Yuck. But luckily I haven't gained any weight, but I haven't lost any either.

I'm not going to be hard on myself about it, that will just make it worse. I'm just telling myself that it happens, I'm not perfect, and I'm moving on :) June 1st starts a new Brazil Butt Lift contest called something like "Best Booty on the Beach", and that's a great motivation. I always feel like I need some sort of concrete goal. So today I'm doing Bum Bum and taking my before pictures again. But this time I'm doing it in a bikini. EEEEEK. That way I will be able to see the changes in myself better then what I wore before. I'm going to try to take them by myself, I would be way to embarrassed to have my husband take my picture lol.

I also think breaking up my workouts will help. Today is Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck, and I never have enough time to do both PLUS take a shower before Zach wakes up so I feel to rushed and anxious. I'm strange, I know lol. So I'll do Bum Bum while Zach is sleeping, shower then later when they are out back or when Craig comes home from work I'll do Tummy Tuck.

Here has been some motivation for me lately:

Monday, May 14, 2012

I've  been doing Turbo Fire the past 2 weeks and I LOVE it. I'm seriously getting addicted to it. Even Ethan sings the songs from it. He goes "Mama! Who's house my house?" and goes "What's that from?" already playing trivia lol.

I went to a birthday party on Saturday and I was going to wear jeans, a tank and a cute lightweight short sleeved sweater thing (super super light weight) but I knew it was going to be at least 90 degrees and I'd die in that outfit. But I dont have much clothes that fit me right now, so I tried on a skirt that usually is to tight for me...and IT FIT. So I wore that and a tank and I was surprised how much smaller I'm looking in pictures.

I should of already lost more weight, but it's hard to give up my wine after a long stressful day :) My diet isn't to bad, but I think I still need to check out my portions. I'm going to try measuring my food for a week to REALLY see portion sizes and I bet that will be a nice dose of reality lol.

There is another Jean Queen contest from Brazil Butt Lift starting June 1st! I heard this time they are giving a prize to anyone who submits there day 1/30/60 pictures! That's awesome. I will definitely be doing it again, but more of a Turbo Fire Brazil Butt Lift hybrid. Basically I'll be making sure to do 3 days of HIIT and 3 days of BBL High & Tight. I'll figure out the rest, but my body seems to really love those 2 types of workouts.

I'm off to DMV now then I have a date with Chalene Johnson :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mocha Greenberry

Just a quick post before I go pick Ethan up from preschool. Zach slept the WHOLE time Ethan was at school so I got to workout (Turbo Fire HIIT 15, Sculpt 30), have some Shakeology and relax by myself for a bit. It's nice :) I SHOULD have been cleaning, but I like this better :P

I bought Chalene Johnson's (creater or Turbo Fire) book PUSH yesterday and I'm really loving it so far. So motivational.

I have a recipe for Mocha Greenberry! Stay with me here, really. It's gooood. I'm not the biggest fan of Greenberry (gogo chocolate!), so this was created on a whim because I was out of my sugar free vanilla pudding mix to make the Shamrock Shakeology. It tastes chocolatey without being TO chocolatey. If I drank this and did not know it was Greenberry, I would have no idea that it wasen't straight chocolate.

Or my allergies (or cold, who knows) is affecting my judgement lol.

I'll upload a picture of the green colored swampy goodness as soon as I find my usb cable.

Mocha Greenberry Shakeology

- 1 scoop (or packet) Greenberry
- 1 cup water (or if you like it thick, do  1/2 water)
- 1/2 cup any type of milk
- Small banana or 1/2 a big one
- 2 TBS sugar free instant chocolate pudding
- 1 TBS instant espresso powder
- 1 tbs peanut butter (I used Better n Peanut  Butter) you don't taste the peanut butter, it just cuts down on the Greenberry flavor in my experience.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Menu Plan 4/23/12 - 4/29/12

Menu plan! :) I finally got my Shakeology last week and I feel so much better! I have so much more energy and feel less bloated and much more clear, no more "brain fuzz"!

If anyone wants an exact recipe, I can post it....just comment and let me know which one you want!

I'm not sure what this drink it, but it looks amaaaaazing. It would fit great with Sunday's Caribbean meal :) Looks like a whipped icy watermelon slushy!

Breakfast: Shakeology (Choco Shakeology + Banana + Unsweetened Almond Milk + 1 TBS Peanut Butter)
Snack:1 apple and 1 string cheese
Lunch: Taco salad (greens + small amount of cooked chicken + black beans + hot sauce + salsa)
Snack: Chocolate vita muffin
Dinner: "Chicken Caccatorie" from the Turbo Fire cookbook. In your slow cooker add:

-2 chicken breasts
-4 zucchini
-1 onion
-4 garlic cloves grated in
-1 28oz can tomato sauce
- Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning.
Cook on low 6 hours (my slow cooker runs hot). Serve 1 cup chicken caccatorie with 1 cup cooked whole wheat rotini.I also sprinkle with red pepper flakes, I don't cook with it because it's to hot for the kids. 

Breakfast: 1 whole wheat english muffin, 1 wedge laughing cow light swiss cheese, 1 slice tomato,1 egg + 2 egg whites. "Guiltless" egg muffin sandwich.
Snack: Chocolate shakeology blended with water
Lunch: Turkey Wrap (1/2 avocado, 1/2 cucumber, romaine, 1 tomato, 3oz turkey, 1tbs ranch, pepperoncinis), side of watermelon
Snack: 1 small sweet potato microwaved for 5 min, topped with 1tsp coconut oil and cinnamon
Dinner: Leftovers

Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal, 1 chopped apple, 1/4 scoop vanilla protein powder, cinnamon
Snack: Fruit and yogurt/honey dip
Lunch: Greenberry Shamrock Shakeology
Snack: 1/2 cup brown rice with 1tsp soy sauce and 1tsp sesame seeds
Dinner: Egg drop soup and chicken yakisoba

Breakfast:  Chocolate shakeology with instant coffee and a banana
Snack:  Greek yogurt and watermelon
Lunch: Spicy black bean and sweet potato veggie burger, 100 calorie bun, lettuce, tomato
Snack: Salsa poached egg
Dinner: Tacos in low carb high fiber tortillas. Salsa marinated chicken breasts, diced up really fine then cooked in a skillet. Top with salsa, fat free sour cream, low fat cheese, hot sauce.

Breakfast: Apple cinnamon yogurt pancakes topped with fruit
Snack: Chocolate Shakeology
Lunch: Taco salad
Snack: 1 apple with 1 wedge laughing cow light strawberry cream cheese
Dinner: It's my birthday so something special...not sure if I'm cooking (or my husband!) or if we are picking something up :)

Breakfast: Shamrock Shakeology
Snack Watermelon and greek yogurt
Lunch: Steamed veggies topped with ranch seasoning, side of brown rice mixed with 1 wedge laughing cow cream cheese, cheesestick
Snack: 1 slice whole wheat toast, 1/8 avocado + tomato slices
Dinner: Leftover tacos

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs/whites, 1 slice whole wheat toast, fruit
Snack: 1/2 steamed edamame pods, 1 tbs soy sauce
Lunch: Black bean sweet potato burger, 100 calorie bun, tomato. Small spinach salad
Snack: Chocolate shakeology
Dinner: Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Fresh Pineapple Salad, brown rice/black beans.